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SIMLab is closing. You can read about why in this blog post.

Starting today, our staff are looking for new homes. They are, to a one, excellent. You should hire them

We are behind on staff paychecks and some other liabilities. If you’ve ever used our resources, been a client or partner, or simply enjoyed our cheery presence in the world, please consider helping us pay off what we owe by making a donation here.

We are open for business until early next year, preserving our resources and learning for posterity, dropping some last-minute wisdom on our blog and in op-eds, and providing world-class consulting services. Read more about what we can do for you, here.

If you are a current client or partner, we have already contacted you to lay out what will happen next. If you haven't heard from us and feel that you should have, please reach out.

You can continue to the SIMLab site here.