We help make technology
work for everyone.

For three years, SIMLab provided strategy, design, and evaluation support to engage hard-to-reach communities, all over the world.

For people on the wrong side of the digital divide, technology can help or hinder access to their rights and basic needs.

SIMLab helped organizations to design strategies that meet people where they are, using inclusive technology. From radio to social media, from SMS to Whatsapp, from the mobile web to community noticeboards, the right channels are accessible and easy to use, affordable, two-way, and trusted. We helped people find them and build for them.

We closed on the 31st December 2017. You can read more about why in this blog post.

Our staff are looking for new homes. They are, to a one, excellent. You should hire them.

We are behind on staff paychecks and some other liabilities. If you’ve ever used our resources, been a client or partner, or simply enjoyed our cheery presence in the world, please consider helping us pay off what we owe by making a donation here.