At SIMLab, we know how to design sustainable, cost-effective and effective systems and services that work.

Whether you’re a non-profit, government, or aid agency, SIMLab can transform the way you use technology in your social change work. We help our partners execute on ground-breaking projects to improve their programmatic work and advocacy. We help communities hold institutions accountable, help advocacy organizations fight through bureaucracy to protect rights, and help individuals to participate in the systems critical to their livelihoods.

We are available for grant funding, including fundraising and proposal processes; tenders and RFPs; and one-off consulting to support specific aspects of the project cycle or strategic development processes. We offer subscription services for longer, repeating, or uncertain engagements. The services below are an idea of our competencies but most engagements are a combination of many of these - and our project management, facilitation, design, and technology expertise.

To work with us, send us an email at

Context analysis: understanding the communications context

Building on our Context Analysis methodology, we conduct rapid (1-week) assessments to provide a snapshot of the communications context and recommendations for appropriate technology and implementation requirements. For example: the ICT for Community Policing project.

Technology specification and design

SIMLab designs and manages technology solutions that work for everyone. We start with a workshop and design a solution together with partners, develop specifications to find tools that fit, solicit and manage software developers, and evaluate technology solutions. For example: The MApps project.

Monitoring and evaluation for tech for social good projects

We can design and implement, or simply offer technical input on, a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation approach for your tech-enabled project, supported by our Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. We also offer evaluation as a service. For example, we developed an M&E Plan for DDG’s MApps project (above), and are currently evaluating Groupe URD’s Sigmah platform.

Designing and implementing feedback loops

We can help build tech-enabled systems for collecting and acting on feedback from clients, constituents, and users, no matter where they are. For example:

Practical ethics of data for social good

For work that involves sensitive data, SIMLab offers additional workshops and guides on managing information in this fraught area. Our context analysis frameworks help organizations identify hidden vulnerabilities in communities they serve, and find tools and procedures to minimize data-related risk for client communities.

Download a pdf summary of our capabilities.